Good music to buy online union official on line promotion commission of 10%

webmaster admin5: news: March 24th, the well-known online shoe good music Maiqi network alliance officially launched. Personal webmaster and individual users are free to apply to join our sales commissions, good music to buy the actual net sales of 10%, the commission rebate is generally higher than other B2C mall.



good music to buy a website alliance is a cooperation model can be used for personal (webmaster) and enterprise resources advantage to earn commissions. At present, the good music to buy the union completely open registration, after successful registration can get the code to launch the site. Webmaster through the alliance users promotion and generate orders in the background of the alliance performance can be " " order report; options view, can also view their own promotion performance, including order number, order status, the amount of goods, order date and other details, so as to reduce all the concerns of the webmaster. The webmaster only need to get the union code through the free registration account, you can put on their own website to get commission through promotion.

joined the good music to buy union requirements:

cited content:

a) it is recommended that you have at least one website and have the highest administrative authority on the site to put the union code;

B. The website itself and the advertisement can not contain any content that violates the laws of the state;

C). The site itself does not contain advertising and malicious code and viruses cannot contain unhealthy content, such as adults, and pornography, obscenity, gambling, violence, reactionary, based on race, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age discrimination and so on;

. D) cannot use okbuy, okaybuy, haolemai, good music to buy as a domain, but can use variation, misspelled domain names, such as: okeybuy, haolamai;

Good music to buy

according to the information provided by the specific mode of network alliance, divided into: commission ratio: 10%, commission calculation method: = (total amount of commission payment fee – vouchers) commission ratio ×. The Commission returns good music to buy in 5 monthly statistics on the union of users, and will pay the Commission in the same month, the Commission did not reach the total 100 yuan, it will be postponed to the next month.

as the country’s largest website to buy a good site to buy a good long ago announced the completion of the C round of financing, the amount of $60 million. Become the largest in the field of vertical B2C financing. Good music to buy assistant president Luo Min: "good music to buy up said sales in 2011 last year the target is 1 billion, good music to buy for 200 million, in February last year, our sales in February 2010 to millions, and this year.

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