Google announced that it would invest Discuz100 million

Beijing on March 26th news, according to foreign media reports, Google announced on Tuesday, has been on the China social network technology provider Comsenz (Comsenz) $1 million. Prior to this, Google has received before Comsenz directors, investors Michael. Mori Mitzi (Michael Moritz) funding support. Comsenz’s website including Discuz, SupeSite and ECShop.


submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said the company in July last year to Comsenz investment of $1 million, this is the latter part of the B round of financing. Prior to this, the Vc firm Sequoia Capital Invested Comsenz, Sequoia Capital partner, about a year ago, Google resigned from the director of the Mori Mitzi owned more than 10% of the equity in the investment.

as early as last year, there are media reports Google investment China Comsenz news, but the investment amount of $5 million was speculation. Mori Mitzi and Sequoia Capital is one of Google’s first financial backers, and won a seat at Google’s board in 1999. Last March, Google announced that Google Molitezi will not seek re-election of directors, to focus more on the work of Sequoia capital.

China is one of the world’s fastest growing Internet market, Google, Microsoft and YAHOO and other U.S. Internet giants are trying to enter the market. Google has been doing business in China, the search market to compete directly in the Chinese Internet; YAHOO holds a large stake in China e-commerce company, Alibaba, and by the operation of China YAHOO; Microsoft is directly carried out in operation at the same time, also with a number of China local Internet and distribution companies to establish a partnership.

Comsenz is a professional community of software and service providers, provide technical support for many Chinese BBS, blogs and websites. Comsenz had previously received a loan from Sequoia Capital did not disclose the amount of investment, but according to Google disclosed by China fund, Sequoia Capital holds a total of more than 10% of the shares of comsenz.

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