Domain name embarrassed CN site on the folk 10 Com domain name

domain name is the Internet business to brand, can make users convenient access to distinguish and, at the same time, the domain name can bring rich flow of revenue for the enterprise domain importance is self-evident, but the Internet still has some websites do marry clothes for her name, domain name and other indirect advertising will flow domain the two lost fame,


mobile domain name


mobile is a strong field of domestic mobile operators, however, is not the domain name in the mobile domain! Website domain name is essentially the CN domain name, the domain name is early Mobile Corporation in Zhejiang playing mahjong was bought, anecdotal domain name transaction price to 150 thousand yuan, however, the high price to buy the domain name does not get its mainstream.Com the domain name, also makes some new users to the wrong place "".

China Unicom fertile portal


China Unicom fertile portal is a or! Users sometimes was wrong, some users will be affected by the domain name, the domain name confusion memory into, but the CN domain name now released, domain name registration in 2000, has been 11 years since the registration time, the domain name is China Unicom Group early buy (100 thousand Yuan Fang Chuan Trading).

mobile phone paradise CN domain name


The domestic mobile phone name system to

Park, mobile phone products and services platform, however, the majority of domestic mobile phone website operation success of users, but the platform does not have and believe that domain name business site operation, with good traffic to two mobile phone, but also indirectly promoted two "mobile phone" domain name.




Longsheng is the best real-time financial information platform, the website domain name is CN domain name, Longsheng brand in the domestic financial industry but is famous, but.Com mainstream Internet system most commonly used suffix, many users think Longsheng is the official website of, and the actual domain name is, you are not feeling wrong login strange? domain name >

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