Live off Liang Weiping real estate should not only provide a vertical portal information services

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real estate vertical portal "outdated" anjuke false start mobile Internet

"where is the future? It should be one stop service." Beijing, a cafe in Sanlitun, sitting opposite reporters, live off CEO Liang Weiping said.

Liang Weiping looks calm, but he engaged in the real estate information website industry is experiencing a double squeeze: from one end of macro policy, with the purchase of the implementation of the policy, developers money increasingly tight; from one end of portal advertising model is not to attract advertisers, search and social interactive advertising cannibalizing portal advertising.

, however, the greatest challenge is not the above two aspects, but the paradox of mobile Internet Era: the mobile Internet is replacing PC Internet has become a new entrance, but the mobile Internet display advertising can not form a business model in the traditional way.

mobile Internet is not clear how to solve the problem, "big data + cloud computing and the problem lie in front of the industry. After a variety of problems, Liang Weiping think, one-stop service is the way to solve these problems.

including housing, focus, live off and all other industry competitors have seen the future of mobile Internet is O2O. The question is, what is the online resources, certainly more than information aggregation; what is the next line of resources, certainly more than listings information.

Liang Weiping think, clarify these two points, in order to carry out online and offline resources integration, to provide more services to customers, home buyers, to create one-stop service platform for human settlements.


portal model is out of date, the industry needs a new model, one-stop service model provides an explanation, but not necessarily the final reality.

one stop living service

The real estate information portal site

mode solution is "meet (MET)": has listings agencies (intermediaries), individual housing information will be released to the Internet, to housing consumers through the Internet search website recommendation model to find housing owners. Everything else has nothing to do with the site, consumers and intermediaries or individuals in private completed.

one-stop residential services, including looking for room, house, trade, loans and other services, that is, a single transaction tracking. In addition to the entire process of tracking a single transaction, but also to understand the housing needs of consumers at different times, and then accurately push products and services. The traditional model is a single transaction, and now is the life cycle service.

full service, full life cycle services, is one of the two aspects of one-stop human settlements.

The future of

one-stop service habitat is that, when the user first search, user data will be automatically entered into the trading center, trading center will automatically tell the user with the intermediary, what time can meet critically; signed a contract after trading center will advance to remind the user to renew, tax.

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