The establishment of the first football team in Tianjin nternet webmaster

            September 22nd afternoon, Tianjin’s first Internet webmaster and dream to participate in the Olympic football team founded the National Football League, the team from Tianjin website alliance is Tianjin Software Industry Association Branch of Internet application form.

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            in response to the national spirit of the Olympic Games, the team should dream of the invitation of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games for the first time to match the game. The member to real estate network alone team participated in the competition, Tianjin pet served as the Tianjin national football dream Olympic Organizing Committee responsible for the work.

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            Tianjin Internet football team currently consists of 36 persons from the Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission, software industry association, and the association of animation and game website: health is easy to network, 114 network, Tianjin window, cool Tianjin, Jixian County tourism network, Tianjin network, Tianjin ride pet net, football, real estate network, Download Station agreement Tangram technology and Shannon’s science and technology, newsletter, zhanzuo, Tianjin exchange, ink, KK, help the media lab, Sharon, BELLE, big city, Sibo, Bainaohui, universe.


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