The Ministry of culture pull black 120 network obscene violent songs

Beijing News (reporter Huang Ying Intern Guo Yuezhou) yesterday, the Ministry of Culture issued a recent investigation of the contents of illegal cultural products, a total of 120 first network music products are included in the blacklist, on the shelf.

refused to be severely punished under the framework of

Ministry of culture, the relevant responsible person said, pull black song for the reasons involved obscene, violent, pornographic content, according to the relevant provisions of the future of any unit and individual shall not be provided, otherwise it will be investigated according to law.

recently the Ministry of culture on the content of the illegal network music products focused on the investigation, the results of the work was released yesterday, a total of 120 pieces of illegal online music products were investigated.

the Ministry of culture market department of the relevant person in charge of the network music products contain advocating obscenity, violence, abetting crime or endangering social morality, has been included in the music network management blacklist, any unit or individual shall provide.

, the official also said that the Ministry of culture has asked the Internet to focus on the shelves of cultural units related to music products, for refusing to stand on the Internet cultural units, the Ministry of culture will be severely punished according to law.

He also introduced the

, published in the online music products list at the same time, the Ministry of culture has begun to deploy business of illegal online music activities and work, where the network music products listed under the frame of refusing to blacklist, the administrative department of culture and cultural market comprehensive law enforcement agencies will be severely punished according to law.

Chang Csun Yuk part song into blacklist

yesterday, the Ministry of culture also announced blacklisted 120 network music products list, the Beijing News reporter combing found that there are many in the network overnight fame songs among them, such as the "University" and a study room, "you are a monkey," Jiubing, the song has become a popular network language.

there are some songs from Hong Kong Singers, such as Chang Csun Yuk’s "I love you", and Stanley Huang’s "my dream lover", are required from the network frame.

There are parts of

is "black", the song, the song was explicit, pornographic content; there are also some song "non mainstream", named after the name of the media.

blacklisted web songs (part)

– Beijing hunzai (Yin three)

– dirty honey (Xinjiekou Mix)

Xidan earthquake

– night stand (Xinjiekou Mix)

– this is not a love song (Guang Guang


– you are a monkey, you help (ballad band)

They (Li Zhi)

– to someone else’s bed (network singer)

– University study room (Hao Yu)

– with real not necessarily a couple (Yi Ran


– let you fly to others.

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