Review of the week after week 10 16 10 22

· SEO tutorial: personally do beautiful pictures website experience

      a classic lines, for twenty-first Century, what is the most difficult? Answer: the talent for the grass-roots webmaster; what is the most important? Answer: is the experience; for the webmaster, the most valuable experience, a beautiful picture of the webmaster experience sharing, it is worth reading!

· graphic: Yiyidangshi information on how to make

      an information can bring much traffic, is a matter of concern to each website editor, edit some 8 hours hard to release information, but not every piece of information to a user’s click, users can not be browsing, is a very frustrating thing, if you don’t care about it, then you not a qualified editor. In general, many editors publish information every day, or even 0 hits, so how to make the information you publish more users browse it? A piece of information in the day before being released as a case, discusses how to do a "block ten" information, let you get on the return of labor.

· Wang Tong: share the SEO strategy

      SEO threshold is very low, so more and more people do SEO, however, do a good job of very few people, to maximize the value of the people who play SEO less. Why is this? This is because they understand the SEO strategy is different, here to share some of the SEO strategy, may be able to give you some inspiration.

· for WEB2.0 webmaster is not just pour cold water

      if you are going to do to earn advertising fees or garbage station, please do not click the website, this article, from the angle of technology imitation I talk about the WEB2.0 website. When investment and traffic are not a problem, I want to say is that you really smooth? Take the SNS site, when the 2 of the line on the line, when a Bibi investment hit, when the flow up, where is your confusion?

· for YAHOO search optimization experience

      as a veteran of the portal site, YAHOO already have very large user groups, if you can get a good ranking in YAHOO’s Web search results, the meaning of a new website is self-evident. If we are willing to spend a little time in the Yahoo body optimization, it is likely to bring their own new site is very objective flow. In the whole process, I directed against YAHOO search engine targeted optimization work, today, under the statistical data, found that the flow from YAHOO search engine to increase, reaching more than and 100 IP.


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