Fake really call business life Nearly 50% users after forgetting

[Reuters] billion state power in a recent survey, the state power grid harvest unexpected answer: nearly 50% of voters don’t think consumers in the face of fake problem, choose to forget.

of course, in another part of the eyes of the voters, the electricity supplier and selling platform should have impact to the whole industry, especially the users’ trust in online shopping is greatly reduced.

it all stems from this Monday jumei.com dug up by the media and selling scandal, the third party suppliers lucky sunny on its platform almost sell fakes in the whole network, jumei.com is to act as a role of supervision, and Jingdong in the industry suffered together.

, however, in the part of the electricity supplier, it seems that fake is both an eternal proposition is false proposition. In the wilderness early, this is no business platform control priority, even the outbreak of staking is coming to an end today, still turn a blind eye, until the outbreak of the problem. Because they know, consumers can easily forgive managers, especially those who know fake everywhere, but continue to pay for the "idiotic powder".

in the vast majority of consumers, due to lack of awareness of copyright, the lack of innovation ability, the domestic retail brand has not really awakening, 34.8% of voters believe that the brand itself lack of originality, imitation and copycat become mainstream.

analysis of the industry, cultivate the mass consumer groups in the fake smuggled goods flooding the market, it is difficult to identify ability. And luxury brands, international brands of distance, so that this part of the population even with the ability to consume, not enough to have a real taste.

so, even if the market rampant fakes, but will not arouse strong consumer awareness of rights. On the other hand, the high cost of proof, identification, cumbersome procedure, also let the heart rights of consumers in the hope to wait will come to nothing.


billion state power network survey, after buying fakes, the most common complaint, is only on the Internet for a bad review, this proportion actually close to 70%. In addition, WeChat, micro-blog and other emerging social media Tucao has become a habit. Only 12% of voters will choose to go to justice.

so, in addition to the consumer "bad taste" and "love" is already forgotten, why the source of fake flood? After a big international trader had revealed the secret to billion state power network, did not get in the premise of brand licensing, said 85% of the electricity suppliers are selling fake luxury goods, there is no shortage of parts for having heard it many times. Business tycoon. Even through the purchase means, directly to the local channel brand overseas purchase, still cannot avoid adulteration. Because these local channel chamber of Commerce to China to buy high imitation goods, mixed with genuine sales together."

therefore, in the process of looking for "selling the wrong", in addition to the electricity supplier platform known fake fake goods have joint liability, the domestic high imitation vogue, stimulate overseas distributors have also been included in the sin > voters

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