Winamp’s War the greatest MP3 player to self destruct

Beijing on June 28th news, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. technology blog Ars Technica recently published a review article that Winamp has a history of over 15 years, the old classic media player was very influential. However, since the release of the fifth edition in 2003, Winamp has not been a major update for nearly ten years. Ars Technica in the article combed the history of the development of Winamp, in particular, pointed out that since the acquisition of AOL after the mismanagement of the Winamp and destroyed their own. The following is the summary of the article:


Winamp is currently in the world still has tens of millions of users (Tencent technology plan)

MP3 is a natural product of the Internet, so it is hard to imagine that the quality of compression has not yet appeared in those years. But there is a time when, even after the "MP3" has become the mainstream, the organization, separation and playback of the collection of music still gives the user a clumsy, frustrating experience.

at this time, Winamp put forward his famous slogan but strange – beat llama (really whips the llama’s. Ass). In the last century at the end of 90s, every music Geek has a Winamp software, the camel logo appears in the world, the big money offer also bringing with it. But in June 1999 AOL spent $80 million to $100 million high-profile acquisition of Winamp, it almost immediately lost the edge of innovation.

Winamp has now quietly ushered in the 15 birthday, but the Internet seems to have forgotten that the upstart has proposed odd slogan. It made Winamp sound like a digital music revolution, and it did have an opportunity.

The first employee rob ·

Winamp, is the first general manager of the company; Rhodes (Rob Lord) said this, if not after the acquisition of Winamp AOL management, Winamp today should be the same as apple iTunes very influential." Winamp’s first developer Justin · (Justin Frankel) also agree with this view of the. He said in an interview with technology blog BetaNews, said: I have been looking forward to their (AOL) can wake up to realize that they are killing Winamp, and quickly find a better way. But AOL always seems to have nothing to do except fight."

in fact, since Nullsoft is not interested in becoming a traditional business unit, the problem has already arisen. For example, in 2000, a year after AOL’s acquisition of Winamp, Eph

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