North America’s largest postal mobile electricity supplier cross border logistics fell

is no stranger to domestic consumers online shopping products from foreign direct mail to domestic sea Amoy, in fact, the foreign consumer products on the "MadeinChina" also has a huge demand, there is a kind of cross-border electricity supplier that the Chinese goods sold to foreign countries, the largest mobile shopping platform "North American Wish" is one of the best. The Shanghai Post said recently, after nearly six months of trial operation, the company to "Wish" jointly launched a new cross-border logistics product "Wish post", the "Wish" platform for the use of "post Wish" merchants enthusiastically, daily send the rapid rise in the amount.

Shanghai post

relevant responsible person said, "Wish post" is the first China postal cooperation with the mobile business platform, eBay is the second "Bei Po", "Russian Russia to line speed through the" cross-border logistics product after another innovative attempt.

mobile shopping application priority "Wish" was founded in 2011, the goal is to provide customers with interesting and efficient shopping experience, the system can automatically recommend the use of large data analysis techniques for user selection and push close to the user demand for goods, sales of goods including clothing, jewelry, intelligent machine shell, shower head and other products. Most China from direct mail. As of May this year, the "Wish" registered users have billions of dollars, nearly 100 thousand businesses, to provide goods number about 40000000.

"Wish post" first choice for landing in Shanghai, the use value of the import and export system China post global network advantage, perfect, and Shanghai port strong aviation hub capacity and service ability. It is understood that this is the "Wish" into the Chinese cross-border electricity supplier market, the first domestic logistics service providers to launch the logistics products.

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