A tricky draw heavy play micro blog group purchase

‘s on-line since March 16th, the first time the official certification in several micro-blog website. In this month’s time, users found have various reliable phenomenon in Gaopeng’s official micro-blog, or comment, or questioned, but Gaopeng has a attitude of none of my business, not only do not reply to customer, even deleted fans questioned, which allows Internet users to the non the local group purchase website extremely disappointed.

: micro-blog first Gaopeng tricky forward prize box operation

from the current micro-blog market, 99% prize forwarding are in micro-blog users to participate in the lottery, the third party application, final winners will be published in the official micro-blog, but Gaopeng was another way, according to micro-blog users @ Ji Dongdong summary: Gaopeng micro-blog prize forwarding activities 5 drawbacks: (1) draw list published by private letter notice; (2) the draw tool does not explain, very suitable for the black box operation; (3) draw results according to the prescribed time, the loss of basic integrity; (4) draw the rules and pay attention to the vague terms; (5) to delete the award announcement, not any explanation.


long ago Gaopeng a "iPhone prize forwarding" activities, more bizarre things happen: one did not participate in the activities of micro-blog, and only friends made a 2 micro-blog blog actually won the lottery, this caused netizens’ anger, have questioned why Gaopeng’s micro-blog has this kind of situation, the black box operation is too obvious, the users of a fool at. But Gaopeng attitude is not clear, there is not a compelling argument for netizens, many netizens pointed out that Gaopeng micro-blog is the first with the "V" liar platform micro-blog.

Gaopeng second: micro-blog winning trick to get users of


had a netizen in the micro-blog Gaopeng forward prize, very honored to get a small gift that Gaopeng (value is relatively small, began her purse) still very happy, but after a week later Gaopeng staff contact her, confirm the personal information, and inform users will Shunfeng express, after a week later, Gaopeng heard. Finally, he told the netizen has no wallet Gaopeng goods, let her into the key bag or shopping card, users choose the shopping card, the staff immediately said Shunfeng express. So far, the Internet users have not received the so-called prizes.

can see Gaopeng obviously do not know how to respect the user from the above event, now the group purchase sites. In addition to fight money is to fight. I think if there really is one in the 4 iPhone prize (the possibility that only God knows that I estimate), Gaopeng staff also said: "we feel shy, iPhone 4 is now out of stock, film or give you a iPhone 4".

In addition to micro-blog

on people everywhere scold micro-blog Gaopeng is a liar, the design and function of the website is also being > Gaopeng

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