Soft a good shot

for the site to build up, the rest of the things only update and promote the.


update is very simple, just click on the background, the acquisition can be, usually empty, can also write something myself, although the writing is not very good, but it was made in the original, it is faster.

promotion is difficult, there are many stations are dead in the promotion. What way out. I think before we want to use what, like e-mail message exchange, Links, network promotion, forum group, QQ group, supply and demand information exchange group, advertising alliance, text chain, webmaster forum……… A lot, but the real effect is not much.

now on the network and there is a kind of soft Wen promotion, it is possible to know it is, soft Wen is not that garbage article. Isn’t that the AD article, is not it?. This idea is wrong, soft Wen is no limit, some people rely on soft Wen, so that their website value. Some people rely on soft Wen, so that their more than and 10 web site PR all for the master of the soft Wen, is that you are also sold to help you count the money, the master of the soft Wen, is also more than the TV series moved tears.

, there is no best, only better, a lot of network pushing hands, many speculators are starting from the garbage soft Wen, practice ability.

as a personal webmaster, if not soft, you may lose a good gun. As the company’s Web site, if you will not soft, you want to spend more than twice the cost of promotion.

just write may be scolded, was puzzled, misunderstood, a lot of. Indifferent。 As long as slowly change personal webmaster. As long as everyone can benefit, time will prove everything.

wish you all website traffic bubusheng, IP every day up! This is the debut, writing is not good please forgive me.

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