Local website alternative innovative drainage method flow quickly to the bowl

local website alternative innovative drainage method, flow quickly to the bowl to

for the city or small town is relatively backward, the local portal is obviously frontier local network development, since the Internet penetration rate is low, how can we use a more effective method to local network gathered on a website posting is a big problem. A few months ago, I built a local portal in Qujing, I would like to talk about how I used the alternative drainage method to achieve the instantaneous flow of doubled.

1, in the local classification information network information, I use the recruitment of this, I do not tell him the general.

For example,

in the 58 city issued a Qujing 168 net moderator part-time recruitment information, responsible for the management of posts, online 2 hours a day, 50 yuan a day (who do not want to do such a good thing). And then wait to see your resume, and then reply to their website to publish the relevant quality related posts, and then give him an account to let him try 3 days. Daily refresh recruitment information on the line every day, the 20 copies of your resume is not a problem, of course, posts and traffic also leverage every day.

2, use QQ group, every day we send the link that is advertising, advertisers need attention either, or ride. And the people who need to focus on their current needs, with their own and their own home. We built a local classification information station to seize the attention of the home of the local search outside the QQ group, for example, Qujing people in Kunming, Kunming, Qujing, Qujing, the people of the village of. These groups are concerned about the home, in these groups of home information attention rate is quite high.

3, in the Baidu search local names, the home page is half of Baidu, the other is the local portal, place name nets, schools, agricultural network (because the local relatively backward). We are divided into two categories, a large platform (Baidu products, Tianya,) and local (local schools and places a small platform network) to the network name to the name of the site on the line in the hair post platform (because the ads and links the audit too strict on the small platform), to the local people in the name of alumni or post their own website for example, Qujing heard 168 class XX network is built by Li Yongning, who has a detailed introduction in Qujing 168 net names online message.

4, search the local attractions and scenic spots in the video, the following questions with a small ticket and send directions, with a large said casually two and then tell them to his own web site to see. In the video below all post, it is necessary to re download the production site information and then upload again. Finally get some third party blog and local attractions and pictures to use the door to get up.

In fact, the

flow is not difficult, should persevere, step by step, will flow into the bowl to

!In this paper,

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