Tesla biography annual purchase agreement signed with Jingdong to take this chance to capture the ma


Tesla and Jingdong signed a purchase agreement throughout the year to take this chance to capture the market of


June 20th news, there is news that Jingdong and Tesla has signed an annual purchase agreement. According to the insiders, in the Jingdong after the listing, "6·" 18 big promotion just ended, Tesla and Jingdong signed a large single occasion captured Chinese market.

it is understood that Tesla is now force the Chinese market, a variety of initiatives so that people are aware of the car. But due to the construction of charging facilities lag, while Tesla development in china. Not long ago, Tesla has intime group and SOHO China to start the destination charge project, which means that Tesla’s charging network will cover Beijing, China World Trade Center and Wangjing two major shopping district. At the same time improve the infrastructure, Tesla has also recently confirmed its SUV models Model X will be shipped in early 2015, which is also the industry as a good opportunity to seize the Chinese market.

According to public information, Tesla Motors was founded in 2003, is a Silicon Valley based in the NASDAQ listed electric car production and design company, headquartered in California. Tesla by the master of Stanford University dropouts Elon Musk · and J.B. Straubel in the creation of master graduates. Currently produced several major models include Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X. (An Dong)

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