From the PRD on how to write about the product manager had superhuman powers Daguai skills

recently, someone asked me what the product manager to write the document in the end is what, PRD, MRD, BRD these D what is the difference between what is the relationship, respectively, how to write?


market analysis of the D of many articles, there are many methods with full of dry cargo such as based on the research of mind map, with clear structure, corresponding function module structure and user flow, function prototype, interactive logic writing, application of cases review etc..

but this article discusses the positioning is more out of the micro details of the methodology, based on the macro perspective, the definition of product documentation is what the purpose and intention of writing documents. Coupled with the recent study in the book to get some experience, deeply resolved before the first clear definition of what is very critical. Therefore, we should collect and sort out the data of product documents, and combine with their own thinking and summary.

for 0-1 year old product manager, the first contact must be PRD, behind the two D with the accumulation of personal accumulation of product managers, team collaboration will slowly come into contact with. The purpose of this article is focused on the product manager for 0-1 years, starting from the definition of this kind of document features, some misunderstandings about difference, writing in PRD and should try to cultivate ways of thinking.

a, product manager in the end what is written D?

What is the definition of

in the product documentation, several D are what before, want to briefly explain, in fact the product documentation or PRD, MRD, or BRD, or is the proposal in the industry, the current production and manufacturing of the products and service flow rules, function description of background. Therefore, the essence and the core of the document is to explain the problem more clearly, professionally and methodically, and propose the solution. Therefore, the document does not have to be too "demonized", "tall".

first look at these D.

BRD business requirements document Business Requirement Document

MRD market demand document Market Requirement Document

PRD product requirements document Product Requirement Document



corresponding to these three D drew a diagram from this diagram can clearly see that there must be a complete Business business strategy (BRD), corresponding with the Market market (MRD), and tactical solutions Product product execution (PRD) to promote a complete the on-line vivid products.

so see here, >

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