The 3 number secret Xiamen domain name investors a way of earning money to earn 2 million

southeast Network – strait Herald August 3rd news (reporters Zhang Shun and Zhuang Wensha Intern) at the beginning of 60 yuan registered the domain name, now worth 50 thousand yuan to become; "3 figures" in her hands a year, an increase of 2 million yuan worth…… Daily economic news reporter recently found that with the improvement of the awareness of the domain name, the domain name is also becoming increasingly active, the annual turnover of the country has reached four hundred million or five hundred million yuan. Especially in the "domain name are" the laudatory name of Xiamen, is active in many domain name investors.

, though simple letters and numbers make up domain names, domain names are not simple. Insiders admitted that not all domain names have room for appreciation, the key depends on the investor’s vision and judgment.

make a ten not surprising

just shot a "", 50 thousand yuan! "Yesterday, Xiamen domain name investors Cai Liwen slightly excitedly told reporters that he is the domain name in 2002 to spend 60 yuan registered Tencent, because of using to create a game site, so worth bullish.

The digital domain name

Cai Liwen mainly focused on simple and easy to remember, has now accumulated two hundred or three hundred. Like last year, he spent about 200000 yuan to buy "" and "", and now the market price has risen to $about 300000.

for another Xiamen domain name investors, 10 million yuan in profits is not what it seems. By the end of last year, the investors took a fancy to value and appreciation of space, and several rounds of competition in the auction, the final price of nearly 2 million yuan to buy.

at the beginning of this year, he ushered in an overseas buyers, after some bargaining, the final price of 4 million yuan. In less than 1 years, the 3 figures earned him $about 2000000.

according to an unnamed domain name investors revealed that in 2005, he spent millions of dollars to buy tens of thousands of domain names, including digital single, single letter top-level domain name, now only when one of them is worth the cost. However, he is not eager to sell, but like the collection of antiques waiting to continue to appreciate.

shot a little more than one million yuan slow

"domain name transaction is full of uncertainty, may be a slight hesitation, will pay the price several times." The domain name industry portal site name Chinese CEO Kong Dejing said that many well-known enterprises because of missed opportunity in the purchase of the domain name, and spend more costs.

two years ago, Baidu has commissioned to buy Chinese Post Bar renamed "" domain. When the domain name is a domain name of foreign merchants, for only a few million yuan. But Baidu was not anxious to sell, the result of the domain name is the first acquisition of domestic investors. Because the investor has a good understanding of Baidu post bar, in the end, Baidu had to spend millions of dollars to buy the domain name.


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