Campus network plug in developers you can earn 10 per day

campus network by way of supplementary agreement, allowing developers to plug in the application page. A plug in developer to Sohu IT said that now every day through the plug-in advertising revenue of about $10.

in July this year, the campus network announced the opening of the platform after being questioned by the industry and developers.

most people believe that the open network platform agreement is not open enough, while not enough respect for the rights of developers. The first is protocol limited, developers program shall not have any conflict with the campus network business, while defining all plug-ins can be used only in the campus network, limited to third party websites in the campus network promotion may. Related agreements also pointed out that the development of open network protocol through the application of the right to the school network all, if the problem is borne by the developer.

faced with doubts and dissatisfaction with the user, the school network and then began to study and modify the agreement, and clearly indicate that the rights of the plug-in application belongs to developers or developers. At the same time, the school network Open Platform official said, in the future will continue to be based on the views of the people to correct the open platform strategy and guidelines, full respect and guarantee the interests of the third party development team.

analysts believe that the move is an open platform for the development of the school is a positive signal, excellent plug-in developers will get some benefit, to promote the development of the school plug-in has a role in promoting. Taobao open platform also said that through Taobao open platform, developers can use API to create a new business applications, to win the potential profits.

, a plug-in developer to Sohu IT revealed that its development in the plug-in application page has placed three ads, one of which is Google AdSense advertising, daily income of about $3 to $5. In addition to the remaining two advertising school plug-in provider, one service provider for the server plug-in, another plugin to the advertising fee per day at around $5 a day in advertising revenue totaled about $10.

the developer said that the development of plug-in users has more than 130 thousand at present, but advertising revenue than the previous website income should be a lot worse. "If the school can help us sell advertising, our enthusiasm will be higher." The source said. (Hua Dong)

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