YY music profit model cited alleged infringement of copyright infringement questioned

has just launched last year profit about 50000000 yuan, the first half of this year revenues of nearly billion yuan, YY music performance, not only in the company’s overall profit ratio rose sharply to second income, and in the face of the whole music piracy attack and repeatedly "defeat" in the background, as the industry highlights. However, in the outside world acclaim for the beautiful performance of YY music at the same time, there are industry insiders pointed out that YY music may be suspected of infringing music producer copyright, the risk of its profit model. This question, in the YY company to seek listing of the critical moment, become particularly sensitive.

half revenue over 90 million

the evening of October 15th, the parent company of the Time Inc gathered YY speech to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted the prospectus, the listing on the Nasdaq market, financing $100 million, the stock code is "YY".


prospectus shows that the first half of this year, the company’s net income of $51 million 100 thousand, a net profit of $3 million 300 thousand, togetherness era’s main source of income for online games, YY music and other income (membership value-added services) and online advertising. In the first half of this year’s total revenue, online games accounted for 46.4%, YY music accounted for 28.6%, other revenue accounted for 9.5%, online advertising accounted for 15.5%.

in YY’s prospectus, YY music performance has become the focus of attention. YY music is the YY chat tool in the music channel, launched in March last year, mainly to provide live music performances. Performers can interact with the audience in the form of Cara OK, singing competition, or video. In addition, YY music also provides a wealth of virtual items, users can pay to buy gifts to the favorite performers.

data show that YY music has just launched its revenue accounted for only 13% of the entire company’s revenue, and now has more than online advertising revenue jumped to the top second. The single YY music from the point of view of their own development, the growth rate can be called rocket". YY music revenue in the two quarter of last year amounted to $9 million 610 thousand, followed by the gradual increase in quarterly performance of 17 million 790 thousand yuan, $25 million 420 thousand. In the first quarter of this year reached 33 million 760 thousand yuan in the two quarter rose to $58 million 960 thousand. Revenue reached 92 million 720 thousand yuan in the first half.

In addition,

users free access to the habit of service here has also been watered down, but trained more paid users. Data show that as of September 31st this year, YY music service monthly active users 26 million 570 thousand people, of which paying users of 355 thousand people, the average income per user paid $254.

value-added services as the core profit point

YY music behind the rapid pace of development, its efficient profit model. In terms of charges, to take the value-added service model, those who pay monthly and participate in the VIP member services YY voice users can get the privileges of members, including the use of additional video streams containing >

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