Zhejiang University 3 web sites selected national top ten university website

        recently, "the second national university website PARKnSHOP network selection activities ended. Through the layers of selection, 57 colleges and universities nationwide 95 won the "top ten university website home page", "top ten university news network" and other awards. The website of Zhejiang University, seeking news and cultural quality of Zhejiang University network were selected "top ten university home page", "top ten university news network" and "top ten academic websites".


        "National University website PARKnSHOP Award" by the Ministry of education to college students China online website as a platform for campus network culture display, communication and interaction, and guide students civilized Internet, promote the construction of network civilization. 2006, under the guidance of the Ministry of education successfully held the first network selection activities. Second contest started in January 2007, received a total of 338 institutions submitted to the country’s 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the participating sites 1018. Are "top ten university home page", "top ten university news network", "top ten construction site", "top ten political websites", "top ten BBS campus" and "top ten campus service website", "top ten academic website", "top ten entertainment website", "top ten student Association website", "ten students creative website" and other 10 groups participating.


        the college recommendation and selection of experts, 95 websites won various awards including the Peking University, Tsinghua University SMTH red online website BBS, Zhejiang University, 57 colleges and universities in china. Among them, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Lanzhou University, Northwestern Polytechnical University Chinese home page, Nankai University, Zhejiang University, Xi’an Jiao Tong University home network, Nanjing University, Zhongshan University, Fudan University and University of Science & Technology China home page page won the "top ten university main page, Tsinghua news network, Northeastern University news network news, Fudan University, Huazhong University of science and technology, Nankai University online news network news, news network (Qiushi Zhejiang University, Department of Wuhan University Luojiashan) news network news, network news, Xi’an Jiao Tong University and Tianwaitian News Network (Tianjin University) won the" top ten university news network".


        Ministry of Education Secretary Yang Zhenbin attended the final scene of thought and speech. He pointed out that the university website is the overall image of the University in the network show, is to show the characteristics of each university, rich cultural connotation of the University, especially the performance of the overall strength of the University an important window. The level and quality of the website construction of a university is directly related to the social and international image of the University’s spirit, culture, scientific research, teaching and service. This event for all

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