Suffixes open DotAsia share in Asia next year

"the United States occupy almost.Com, China should through the open domain policy initiative as soon as possible to master the Internet industry development." Yesterday, Asia’s only top-level domain name DotAsia agency chief executive officer Zhong Hongan on the first financial daily said.

Zhong Hongan is the international domain name and network e-mail technology patent inventor, participated in the international domain name standards and related policies. As early as 12 years ago, he founded the domain of science and Technology (Neteka Inc).

he said policy open, shortly before the newspaper has reported that the international domain name address allocation Agency (ICANN) announced a decision: in early 2011, the international top-level domain suffix will be fully open.

Zhong Hongan said it was a great opportunity. The early days of the Internet, the number of domain name suffix is limited, only.Com,.Net,.Org and a few, is currently only 22, of which only.Asia registered institutions belong to Asia, and the rest are mostly from the United States, europe.

"this marks a country or region in the global Internet discourse." For example,.Com almost by the American occupation, under the name of up to 80 million, new applicants, want to get a new domain name is easy to identify, even more difficult.

but, since ICANN announced the opening of more suffixes, Zhong Hongan still have what to worry about?

is China’s emerging markets, such as the lack of awareness of the domain name business. He said that only Japan, South Korea, a strong sense of. Over the past year, Japan and South Korea has been registered in the system of.Asia domain name, including domain name Chinese.

he stressed that if the "computer.Asia" top-level domain is outside the market Chinese future China cybersquatting, enterprises want to apply, only pay a huge cost.

and, the stability of the Internet, security is not compromised." For example, he said, had been caused by the earthquake, tsunami and other disasters caused by undersea fiber optic cable interruption, the Chinese Internet companies have been tested.

The reason behind this is that

, the world’s top domain name by the American occupation, the root server (responsible for the management of Internet home directory,.Com domain users every day to communicate with them) also falls in the United states. Once broken network, Chinese users will not be able to access the network, those based on the development of the Internet business, such as electricity supplier companies, will face enormous risks.

earlier, the Internet domain name expert Shenyang has said to the newspaper,.Com domain name system under a total of 13 servers. Japan and Europe each 1, the United States has 11 units.

.Asia root server in asia. This will maximize the elimination of risk. Zhong Hongan said that this also marks the development of a regional Internet industry autonomy.

"if your market is global, not limited to Asia, you can apply for a suffix more"

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