Sources said South Korea plans to evacuate NHN China brewing sale Lianzhong shares

January 15th morning news, according to informed sources, thousands of large shareholders, South Korea NHN company is preparing to withdraw from the market before and after the Spring Festival China game, is now frequently with different employers to negotiate over matters. Analysts pointed out that the NHN retreat will make a change of the hitherto unknown face lianzhong.

April 9, 2004, South Korea NHN company purchased thousands 50% shares at 100 million dollars, including the transfer of 29% shares from the rainbow, and the other 3 founders Bao Yueqiao 21% stake. Since then, NHN and 50% of the shares held by Haihong Lianzhong, Jin Zhenghao NHN and Bao Yueqiao representatives as CO CEO.

recently from the investment community came the news that NHN is brewing in the Spring Festival to withdraw from China gaming market, the recent frequent and different employers negotiate over matters, contact with including Shanda and perfect time of two listed companies.

have analysts pointed out that the NHN in China through years of market operation, expectations to always can not help thousands of user resources and localization of market resources, and Tencent gaming platform is also formed of Lianzhong growing pressure, these may be the reason of NHN initiation tuiyi.

at the time of writing, Lianzhong President Wu Guoliang mobile phone in a state of no answer, Shanda and perfect time also did not comment on rumors.

September 2001, Naver and Hangame were engaged in a full range of services in the portal and the chess game Internet Co incorporated after the establishment of NHN company. October 2002, NHN successfully listed in the Korean stock market KOSDAQ, is currently the highest share price in the Korean stock market game, but also has second portals in korea.

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