Through the ten key words interpretation of China’s B2B industry in 2013


recently, I love B2B topic community held a Chinese B2B industry in 2013 the top ten keyword selection activities. Selection for a week, a total of 118 questionnaires were recovered, the final screening of the top ten industry keywords, namely:

online transactions, Internet banking, big data, the combination of online and offline, cross-border electricity providers, traditional enterprise electricity supplier, B2B social marketing, free trade zone, for the effect of pay, industrial belt.


now, we combine the development of the industry to interpret the ten key words.

online trading

2013, online trading is still the direction of exploration and development of the B2B industry. Ali held the 9.4 and 11.18 day festival stocking hunters, online payment amount reached 4 billion 190 million and 4 billion 505 million yuan, while the 1688 platform now the average daily trading volume has exceeded 300 million yuan. HC is at the end of October launched B2B online trading system, then held 12.3 procurement section, the transaction data not released. Shanghai Steel Union on November announcement, said it would invest in the establishment of a joint venture, customized payment solutions, trying to implement the commodity electricity supplier strategy.

2B brother small comments: B2B online trading is still far away. The circulation of products have certain advantages, Ali to come out on top. There is still a long way to go in terms of industrial products. We put the online transaction is divided into two steps, the first step to develop user habits, the second step operators to obtain revenue. At present, the industry in the first stage, the second stage distance still need time, the said three years free, it is forced to, 2B brother even think maybe three years are not. But considering the recent Alipay related charge action, this process if it is unable to avoid. Perhaps such as Wei Zhe said, need to wait for the next wave of people ages update, when leading enterprises. Before the emergence of this trend, 2B brother do not hope B2B abolished the membership fee, especially domestic part.

Internet banking

Internet banking continues to heat in 2013, B2B companies are particularly active, in which Ali small loans in 2013 Q3 20 billion 800 million loans, accounting for a total of more than 1 million 500 thousand pen, more than 10000 loan companies. Ali’s commercial financing Company limited by guarantee has also been opened in July. The beginning of 2013 with Minsheng Bank to push the new e credit card, although not complete disclosure of transaction data, but the increasing earnings that benefited from. In December, HC announced that with digital China will set up a joint venture, the development and management of Internet banking microfinance. In 2013, Dunhuang reached two cooperation in the financial end of May, and China Merchants Bank issued a joint financial service card, October and Minsheng Bank launched a new e credit card. Business treasure in August 8th secured license, registered capital of 100 million yuan. At the end of Marco Polo network announced cut Internet banking to open platform, invite 10>

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