Re disclosure small owners have moved to yellow station

      Yellow Pages: station is the company information, business directory station, enterprise information submitted and conform to the requirements of enterprise online display, get a lot of attention. Publicity and promotion of flexible methods, early search, by the middle of the search and promotion, the latter for the basic search and user.

recently, discussion and group of friends to do the station direction, several said, had abandoned the station, to the enterprise information, enterprise Yellow station. Yellow station conforms to the enterprise network, free landing advantages have attracted many enterprises to come to registration. Many pages in 71580 is a station that interested me most.

through the exchange, I found him standing optimization done great, [not sell advertising, not soft! If you want to experience, please contact the three step Q:8824812] is said to have 300W of his data, and according to my study, and he described the basic consistent. The pseudo static station (dynamic web pages by overriding the URL method to realize the dynamic web page to remove camouflage parameters do not exist), page database also is optimized, access and retrieve data quickly, let me all the so-called big brother.

optimization webmaster ashamed

did not mention, continue to write…

  after several communication, I got the following data:

This is a

A: station SQL station is said to be 300W pages, content, each data are carefully optimized


for the authenticity of the 3000W data, I made the following test:

31 provincial level, other categories a total of 50 pages, page 40, here is 6W, and 300W is a bit far. Then analysis, each province is divided into 20 categories, 48 small classes, each class 2000 message, or page description: " you retrieve information too much, only when the return before 2000! "
      Niua. That we can count, 48*2000*31=297W, plus some additional, minus some outdated information for a long time, the data show that not too much water. The number of 300W

Each province are accessed using the sub domain name

B:, is actually made the analytical. Here, I put in a word, in fact, the search engine will take every as an independent domain name, but people used to the


C:SQL database is carefully optimized, the station uses pseudo static, read the equivalent speed in the local open.

D: let’s analyze his title and meta information;

a: provincial level two domain name home   key1=** Province, such as Beijing province; web1=>

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