Guo Jie look at the network classified information has just begun


copyright statement: the author: Guo Jie, Guo Cairong, the net current operation site: (zhaochafa Inner Mongolia classified information network). This is my original form, Guo sister appeared in the individual world, welcome to the major media outlets, but please attach the copyright page, thanks for cooperation.
            QQ group: 22278670    QQ behind the edge of the webmaster group: 26196990

            Guo Mei personal day


        bustling about, imperceptibly, the dog is dead, "hem" nearly a year, nostalgic introspection, self is indispensable homework. Witnessing a growing "zhaochafa", "Guo Jie network" browse many graffiti this year, read QQ N and therefore met grok webmaster, recalled once after a collision of ideas before midnight on the projection of the spark. Trance, Guo Jie look at the text of the network, and some more.

        for the occupation, usually for some things about Web2.0, especially the classification of information, particularly interested in. The first two days, to see some of the news about Ma Huateng and his QQ Empire, probably from the New York Times, the first title should be called "built on the virtual entertainment of the Chinese Internet hot".

        articles written more objective, it is possible to stand outside the board, can be more sober reason. The development of the domestic Internet, should be accompanied by.

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