Ping Day Carnival doctor to create a healthy medical business day

With the approaching November 11th

, the annual feast of major electricity supplier Carnival has opened the curtain. This year, in addition to Tmall, Jingdong and other large electricity providers in advance preheat, medical and health class electricity supplier also opened a number of promotional activities. Ping An Group’s O2O health management and medical service platform Ping doctor officially opened the "Bachelor Day Carnival" to promote the comprehensive attack, health providers in the depressed market environment, to build the field of health care business day.


opened the first sea Amoy Museum, the main health care and maternal beauty products

Ping as the doctor of health management and mobile medical service platform, in July this year, has invested 70 million yuan to build 77 health day, November once again focus on health providers, main medicine, beauty, sports and other large health category of goods. In the Singles Day Carnival activities, will enhance the product service and the amount of subsidies, payment of all full cut coupons, launched 11 yuan no threshold red daily seckill preferential subsidies etc..

it is understood that the safe good doctor health mall is a good safe doctor’s health business platform, which mainly covers the category of Chinese traditional medicine and Western medicine, nutrition and health, maternal and child care, cosmetic contact lenses, home and other dozens of related health management category. For the Singles Day Carnival activities, Ping An health good doctor mall will be in addition to the original four Museum – Museum, Museum of medicine health, beauty hall and the sports hall, especially open sea Amoy museum to meet consumer demand for overseas nutritional health products.

specifically, the good doctor’s day start peace TV promoting will introduce nearly one thousand health class brand products, including: Australia, New Zealand, aptamil Swisse Royal Nectra, Holland, Japan and other overseas DHC good health care products, baby products, beauty and other high-quality brand products Home Furnishing. And further improve the scale of goods, logistics, quality assurance and other aspects.

‘s Day Carnival, Liu Tao wants you to grab a red envelope

from November 1st onwards, Ping a good doctor more than 100 million users can enjoy preferential subsidies in the medical center, health care center, a beauty Museum, sports equipment and other platforms. Ping doctor chief health officer Liu Tao is also the first time to help the health mall Day Carnival activities, launched the "unequal singles, the concept of good goods in advance to grab".

Ping doctor chief product officer Wu Zongxun said, "peace is good doctor as China Mobile medical field Unicorn enterprise, founded at the beginning of establishment of medical and pharmaceutical information," triple play "core strategy. Up to now, the number of registered good doctor has exceeded 100 million users, the peak of nearly 250 thousand times daily consultation. Good health doctor has become the highest coverage of mobile medical applications. The good doctor initiated Peace Day Carnival activities, intended to create the health sector business event."

in the field of medical and health management O2O, a good doctor health mall will be on November 1st -11 11 to create a universal "buy"

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