4399 game chairman Cai Wensheng nternet changes and the future

Admin5 station network April 9th news hotline 2011 Chongqing Internet webmaster General Assembly held in April 9th in Chongqing science and Technology Museum, the Chongqing hotline, Chongqing website alliance, laggards forum, Discusz! Community, jointly sponsored by the Baidu Entrepreneurs Club, Chongqing slipped by Chongqing science and Technology Museum, zhubajie.com, Monument for Liberation and Co from all over the country more than 800 owners and guests attended the meeting. The following is the 4399 game chairman Cai Wensheng wonderful speech at the meeting.


Hello everyone, good webmaster, just said to 10 minutes, I estimated that the use of less than 10 minutes, but if you feel good, you can continue. In fact, today we will call the general assembly, I want to do a lot of people here for 10 years, including me. I think, if these 10 years in the webmaster, should be very failure. Because ten years ago when you do a webmaster, to today you are a person to do the webmaster, is not a success. I believe that a lot of people here are not a person to do the webmaster, most of his team, many of his company. It should be said that miss the name of the webmaster, so want to maintain a webmaster mentality continue to do things. In fact, the development of the Internet today has 11 years, today is a major inflection point. Like many people now play mobile phones, the Internet has reached the stage of the mobile Internet, which is very obvious in the United states. In China, the north, on the broad city has also been reflected. What are the opportunities for the future of mobile Internet today I want to share with you. Just the wrong title.

the Internet, this is the stage, before 2003, the United States is the era of YAHOO, YAHOO is the information intersection, in fact, the navigation website, when the site of more and more, in fact, the site has not meet our needs, I say to the Sina portal, may be looking for a stock price. So, we need to quickly reach a page that is the emergence of Google, he applied cloud computing and more accurate search to reach Google. Now the United States more than Google blog, YAHOO has declined, what happened? In fact, very simple, YAHOO is hired 1 thousand of the most famous editors, in the recommended content. Google hired 1 thousand of the brightest engineers to build a very good content for you. These two sites and then cattle, and we have no relationship. Why is the meeting today, hope to do. Facebook has changed a lot, including the biggest difference between the Internet and telecommunications is also the interaction of the Internet, telecommunications cloth to give you something. So to the Facebook stage to 2005, including the 2006 Facebook lead the world. He can make a bigger change is to make money. Because we can make money through Google, such as through the IDC or advertising model, but in the Facebook can do the above application, development. After the game to do the application development, now the market value of $8 billion.


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