Lasafo responded and selling questioned the alleged not sincere

Beijing daily news (reporter Wei Yu) after Lasafo CEO Wang Licheng two weeks ago in response to the media questioned the fake is the Navy, Lasafo yesterday to the Beijing Daily reporter showed dozens of brand authorization to verify the identity of the market, the relevant responsible person said, "Lasafo products have no fake smuggled goods".

, however, the Beijing Daily reporter found that most of the authorization letter presented yesterday is the domestic cosmetics brands, Estee Lauder and other international big cosmetics licensing is not listed in the above brand authorization. In this regard, the industry believes that only a small number of small brand authorization book, Le bee network is clearly insufficient sincerity.

beauty beautiful makeup CEO recently saying "Huang Tao cosmetics 80% online sales of fake cosmetics, the electricity supplier and the Internet public opinion has been criticized. In addition, a number of Internet users to the media to reflect its purchase of fake cosmetics and skin care products in the music bee online. In this regard, Wang Licheng admitted that there have been some doubts, but he believes that this is the most water, and said, "our products must be guaranteed, even if there is a problem, we will let the customer come to identify with the customer is not fake".

in order to further prove innocence, yesterday, the relevant person in charge of Le bee network to Beijing Daily reporter to show dozens of cosmetics brand authorization. However, the reporter found that most of the cosmetics brand authorization yesterday shows the visibility is not high, which did not have Estee Lauder, Dior, La Mer and other international big names, this Lasafo explained that this is just one part of the authorization, the authorization in big relevant responsible for the authorization of colleague Miss Xu, and Miss Xu yesterday in the travel inconvenience to produce the relevant authorization.

at the same time it also told Beijing Daily reporter introduced in cooperation with the international brand, we are mainly in two ways, one is directly to the brands get the authorization; another is the brand we have reached with the cooperation of agents, this is the procurement contract, commercial secrets, inconvenience to the public".

Le bee network insiders also told the Beijing Business Daily reporter, using the form of cooperation in the above to get the price of cosmetics in about 7-8 fold, the current Le bee network in the sale of overseas brands have 200, the discount is usually 30 percent off.

and Internet users concerned about the product verification problem, the general cosmetics electricity supplier is to support the inspection counter, Le bee network is no exception. Relevant person in charge told reporters that if the brand counters that sales of Le bee network of the brand products are false, users need to go to the relevant authority for inspection, access to identification. Le bee network promised that if the product is fake, all users will be compensated for the cost of inspection.

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