Adsense network broadcast Sina Tencent and other violations of the number of 6 said Liu Chuanzhi do

1.3 new express courier companies will bid farewell to the era of grass-roots entrepreneurship was  

, a warning notice before the official website of the State Post Bureau, will once again express to join the grassroots and the new thrust into the spotlight.


announcement shows that Beijing Feiteng Shunda logistics company (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Feiteng, Shanghai maclift Shunda) express limited company (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai maclift) and Shenzhen Xintong Express Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Shenzhen ICT) has been achieved in the courier business, business license or business license of the city made only under the condition of unauthorized nationwide franchise activities and joining fees. The "daily economic news" reporter learned that Beijing and Shanghai maclift Feiteng Shunda was established in 2014, Shenzhen Telecom also in October 2014 after the capital increase to enter the express delivery industry. Currently, 3 companies have been involved in illegal Hubei, Guizhou, Henan, Guangdong, Gansu, Shandong, Jiangxi and other provinces, a number of local postal authorities also issued a warning.

2 Google spent a record $25 million to shoot the.App domain name  

February 27th news, according to U.S. media reports, Google paid $25 million to acquire the right to control the.App domain name, which is so far the highest price to buy the top-level domain name. Yesterday, the domain name Distribution Agency ICANN began to auction the domain name, there are 13 companies to apply for the purchase, the final auction price is set at $25 million 1 thousand.

Google beat other big brands such as Amazon to obtain this domain name, but also beat other top-level domain names such as Minds + Machines, Radix and Famous Four Media. Now Google can use.App as the suffix domain name, which is very suitable for Google Play services. With this domain name, Google may only allow companies to apply Google Play to register the domain name, or directly used in the application store shelves.

3 hacker contest champion KEEN: do technology vulnerabilities business

access to bank plan drawings and security system, to the main control room of the person in charge of the retinal image and door code, to avoid the safety of laser protection network through accurate calculation, open the safe password lock in the shortest time, then invade the traffic department of computer, control the whole street lights, finally managed to succeed escape…… This is often a lot of Hollywood movie thief in the plot. If you think this is the movie exaggerations of words, it may let you be startled at the fact, because in reality there is such a high-end hacker groups appeared.

sat opposite the "First Financial Daily" reporter (Shanghai) Acer earthquake cloud computing technology Co., Ltd. CEO Wang Qi said, in addition to not so fast, so cool in the movie, these are.

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