An excellent way to promote local information stations

to promote local information station, many webmaster with the traditional method, soft Wen, QQ group, SEO optimization, buy advertising, etc.. Although these means have to pay to harvest, but the effect is not ideal. Why, because the local information station for the crowd is limited, so visitors are limited. Many owners have worked hard to do in local sites, but with little success. Even one or two years without any income is nothing new.

local information station, the operation is not good, IP1000 is also difficult. If you break through thousands of thousands of IP, profitability has become a problem. So, if the rapid realization of IP and profitability of a win-win situation, we have just established Fuzhou word of mouth network, the same face of this confusion. How to promote the new local information website, I have a bold and creative ideas, hope and our colleagues.

The idea is to put down the

, online advertising, go into reality! Some people say is old-fashioned, don’t look down. I’m not trying to teach you to make a small advertisement or business card on the street, so people think you’re crazy and don’t say anything. Those who would you aunt aunt with a small ad to look for information on the Internet? My idea is: first of all, remember that several of the exquisite website printing brochures, and must be elegant and generous, do not save money. Quantity is not much, first printed 20. Then you take 20 minutes to get all dressed up to look at you like a white-collar middle graceful bearing.

and then take the best pictures, with a generous appearance Secretary starting, best can drive to. Where are you going to find the major shopping malls in the city to find the relevant business manager?. And they said, we are a network company, intends to set up e-commerce platform for your store free of charge. In other words, your weekly shop to send coupons, leaflets on the content, we help you synchronize the internet. Then you in your store advertising and promotional single print shop. We are responsible for the free of charge for your site and technical maintenance, and product updates and coupons issued, promotional activities and so on by your own shop responsible person. It is best to have some weekend awards, online surveys, customer messages, etc.. In this way, the site and the formation of a positive interaction on the mall. I advertise you, you advertise me. Site traffic will certainly go up. Most importantly, these are the most effective IP, the most direct customer. Another advantage is that this business model is not the field and you compete with the webmaster, local advantage is maximized.

agreed to cooperate with each other (in any case is free), this time you help him build a two domain name system website. Remember, the function must be independent website and no difference, beautiful interface, complete functions. You are responsible for the maintenance of the system, the maintenance of the content. Then you modeled on the development of 10, continuous, 20… Finally, even roadside shops, tea shops do not let go. Anyway, it is free for you to promote, you help yourself publicize your two domain name website. In this way, the city’s major shopping malls and the size of the fixed customer shops have become your Internet users, and you are not afraid of flow and profitability point

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