n order to attract tourists to pay China Japan WeChat mall

(original title: to attract tourists to Japan China mall "WeChat paid")

Xinhua news agency, Japan, a department store in order to attract more Chinese tourists to go to buy a bomb, plans to introduce WeChat payment from next year".

President Takamatsu Keiji 24, Japan Kintetsu Department accepted an interview with Kyodo news comments. He said that in 2015, although the impact of the consumption tax hike, but since April the company has been relatively strong performance.

he regarded 2016 as the basis for the consolidation of the new business model, to attract foreign tourists and wealthy. To this end, the company plans to increase the number of high-end stores and counters, while from February next year, the introduction of WeChat payment".

according to the latest data released by the Japanese Government Tourism Bureau, by the end of October this year, the total number of China visitors to Japan has more than 4 million 280 thousand passengers, an increase of 112.9% over the same period last year, ranking first in the country. Chinese tourists in the average daily consumption of 281 thousand yen (about $14 thousand and 600), higher than the average amount of foreign tourists spending nearly 100 thousand yen, showing a strong purchasing power.

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