SAC interviewed ten electricity supplier ban electricity supplier fake discounts

you are not already online, the goods onto the "shopping cart", once the double eleven "price war" broke out quickly pay? Be careful, the electric chamber of Commerce "play tricks" – to secretly increase commodity pricing, and then to promote the name of "discount", may be equivalent to the usual "the original price". However, with the increase in consumer complaints, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has also been bound.

reporter before the official website has learned from the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Bureau interviewed the Alibaba, Jingdong,, and other 10 electricity supplier in October 31st, clear requirements to correct the false discount to mislead consumers.

text / reporter Li Guangyan

Shopping Festival

is also a consumer shopping robbery

with the electricity supplier "Festival", with "double eleven" led by "holiday" consumption has become a major highlight of boosting electricity supplier performance, consumers will gradually be attracted to the "low price, door-to-door service". However, according to the statistics of the past two years, every year in November has become the peak of online shopping complaints. Complaints mainly focused on: product quality, after-sales service and false propaganda and other issues.

is the first to bear false propaganda, play tricks on the text, or simply do not fulfill the obligation to remind." Online shopping Master Apple said last year, she has been concerned about the brand in a handbag, "before the price suddenly increased nearly 1000 yuan. Then, in order to promote the sale of 40 percent off, actually only cheaper than usual less than $100. In addition, the electronic business platform can not cope with the explosive transaction and cause the server to "shut down", the data error problems often occur. Even, there is electricity to fish in troubled waters, hurt consumers.

difficult to sell, and even lost single, as well as electronic business platform does not perform 7 days no reason to return, the phenomenon of regulation, but also in the peak of the frequent shopping. Shopping Festival, as part of the consumer’s shopping robbery".

interviewed 10 electricity supplier

ban "go up drop"

this day before, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce held a promotion network market behavior of administrative guidance interviews will be called Alibaba, Jingdong,,, shop No. 1, Amazon mall,, Ctrip, 58 city, where the network 10 home appliance supplier, understand the "double eleven" to carry out promotional activities to prepare, and network promotion the activities of the organization and implementation of the request.

Deputy director of the rain

SAIC said, attaches great importance to the third party trading platform and access to correct existing commodity trading network is not strict, information on the goods review, inadequate disposal of consumer rights protection, network management has not been fully closed over and selling behavior data management confusion and other aspects of the illegal behavior, especially to correct the false discount to mislead consumers, false propaganda and illegal advertising, unfair terms of format and unreasonable additional requirements, false credit evaluation etc..

it is reported that about

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