Zhou Hongyi dialogue Zhang Zhaoyang nternet era need to continue to make good products

Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang and 360 chairman


technology news August 13th at noon news, 2013 China Internet Conference held today at the Beijing International Convention Center, the theme of this conference is to build a good ecological environment, good service network life". In the morning of Internet leaders dialogue, Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang and 360 chairman of the board of the wonderful dialogue, the following is the dialogue record:

Yu Yang: dear friends, good afternoon! I’m Analysys for young, very happy today to attend the Internet congress, under the auspices of a dialogue. The two guests in this dialogue are the most recent stories, and there are a lot of people. First please:

Zhang Zhaoyang, chairman and chief executive officer of the board of directors of


360 Chairman Mr. Zhou Hongyi

we are relatively simple, three keywords, one is "the past". Something about the past, we all know that many of the ancient martial arts master when he further refined to martial arts and often retreat this year, please tell me about your retreat Zhang Zhaoyang

what experience?

Zhang Zhaoyang: I haven’t thought about the Internet for two years.

Yu Yang: I asked a just about two or three months, you recently announced to become Sohu Sohu video video CEO, why is this so important? What kind of role in the whole social environment, why do such a choice.

Zhang Zhaoyang: the first Sohu is a media company with gene, we began to do the media, the media is now the media image has become an important application stage, so we must do at the same time, video, video and video in advance, if the Sohu is not successful, the company’s profitability will be particularly bad, if the Sohu video has become a profit center, not only the general media, and entertainment media, as well as our dreams for people’s entertainment on the realization of the mission.

Yu Yang: the two years after you retreat, to come to the Sohu video as an important display of your martial arts video platform, Sohu success means that you are the two exclusive practice success


Zhang Zhaoyang: not only the Sohu video, I may be estimated in various aspects, including Sohu including client, Sogou, including all aspects, I hope that is almost the first China venture, as long China Internet people, can be in after many years we don’t want to like football players alternate outside, we still hope in the center of the stage.

Yu Yang: what do you think of the first 91 things


Zhou Hongyi: most of the United States, not on the market, the vast majority of companies for investment returns and risks through mergers and acquisitions, which will form a benign rapidly. A few years ago, the Chinese Internet is not normal, many companies have hundreds of market capitalization

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