Daily topic the creation of three years unfamiliar street listed the next step in the layout of the

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network December 12th news, despite the old club shelling listed on the eve of the unfamiliar street, but still local time in the United States in December 11th successfully listed on Nasdaq, ticker MOMO, on the first day of the opening price of $14.25, up 26.07%, the closing price, market capitalization of $3 billion 174 million unfamiliar street.

unfamiliar street in November 8 to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a prospectus to start listing in the United states. At the end of November, unfamiliar street to determine the IPO price range of $12.50 to $14.50, planned public offering of 16 million shares of American Depositary Shares (ADS). Unfamiliar Street stock underwriters Morgan STANLEY, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse and China Huaxing capital etc..

street was founded in 2011, the first 9 months of this year, registered users reached 180 million 300 thousand people, monthly active users reached 60 million 200 thousand people, the average daily active users of more than doubled over the same period last year, 25 million 500 thousand. Unfamiliar Street, said its 9 month income of $26 million 200 thousand, of which $68.1% or $17 million 900 thousand from membership fees.

is a social networking application, unfamiliar street is the core function is "near", can display the accurate distance of the user, profile characteristic identification, star and individual users, "about gun artifact" hence the name. Tang Yan said he never wanted to make a street unfamiliar street about gun application, in the development of the group, the operation of the game and other functions, unfamiliar street to encourage users to get to know the line from the next line. After the gun about the name gradually washed white.

According to Tang Yan

, unfamiliar street can be in three years to market mainly due to three factors, one is the creation of more accurate product positioning, in the chain most social platform, is the online transfer to the reality of the relationship, while the street is a street network to establish a new social relationship based on. Two is the tireless efforts of the company team. Three is unfamiliar street luck is very good.

in addition to compete for the market in the country, unfamiliar street will also invest in the field of vision. Previously, unfamiliar street has been established in San Francisco branch of the United states. Tang Yan’s wife, as one of the major shareholders of unfamiliar street, served as general manager of the United States branch of the company, as one of the largest shareholder of the company, as a general manager of the u.s.. Tang Yan said, from the developing countries to spread social products is very difficult, so the company in San Francisco to set up a company in one step from the developed countries begin to expand, see developed countries in social aspects have not been meet what needs, look at the company design products are applicable to them, the work is still in exploration in.


note is sounded the opening bell is not Tang Yan, but the son of Tang Yan, is also on the NASDAQ minimum ringers.

Analysys International analyst Roland said that the strange social compared social acquaintances, either the user or the accumulation of commercial realization is still in the development stage, the social acquaintances relatively mainstream. Due to the relatively weak social users on the viscosity is relatively weak

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