For Home Furnishing O2O building materials business regulating the family network heavily pound ho

Two days ago

Qijia network held a strategic conference in Shanghai, a large number of partners pulled up, which will produce 1 billion users decoration packages, a variety of preferential advantages about a lot, those tall on the official speech here is not to mention, the Internet also has, interested can find their own, we get to see why the Qijia network heavily pound Jiezhuang market.

home, building materials O2O is just retail information, service oriented home improvement O2O or industrial chain entrance


, O2O Home Furnishing building materials fried lively, mainly in line with the demands of public opinion at the time, in fact, Home Furnishing belongs to building materials retail market, set on a O2O concept, only the traditional bulky goods retail information. In the real purchase of these large durable goods, the majority of consumers will not directly choose to buy network channels, online part of the more to see the style, the price of reference, the final transaction will choose to buy the line. Because of a large Home Furnishing products, the price is high, the two is a long period of use, three is the return of high cost, these factors will make the rational consumer purchase, so most consumers to see the physical quality of the line and then make a decision.


is not absolute, Home Furnishing, O2O also has the building materials market, there are always some users choose online shopping bulky goods Home Furnishing, and Home Furnishing building materials market in some small commodities, commodity standardization is also very suitable for online shopping channels, so this year the market remains relatively strong growth. Electricity supplier is good, O2O worth mentioning, home building materials still belong to the retail category, the core is still supply and marketing relations, but the home improvement O2O market is very different.


is very important to make home this time, if again later, Qijia and other building materials O2O Home Furnishing enterprise is likely to become a target of the revolution, is being charged. In the traditional home improvement market may not feel anything, but the characteristics of the Internet is that the market can be infinitely enlarged, and will be amplified after the new industry order. This phenomenon, the financial payment, meet the eye everywhere, retail, taxi, advertisement industry to repeat this scene, now the "Internet plus Jiezhuang" soon there will be such a situation.

decoration contains three parts, design, construction and purchase of building materials, it is said that from the beginning of the design of what consumers use of building materials, what style of home has been a general direction. In other words, the decoration of the service industry in the home, building materials retail upstream, if the choice of home improvement outsourcing, the consumer home, building materials, a large part of the selection will be guided by the construction side. Just imagine, when the home improvement O2O platform has enough users, it has the capital to the downstream building materials, home manufacturers charging requirements.

millet love investment space, Sina decoration push grab foreman, Taobao to explore very, 58 city investment in addition to many Tuba rabbit, eyeing the Jiezhuang market Internet startups, everyone saw the potential value of this piece of the market entrance. From the perspective of industry chain, as the origin of the Internet must penetrate to the upstream O2O Qijia Jiezhuang market, "

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