The annual meeting of the successful conclusion of the Chinese local website 20 announced

and co sponsored by Comsenz laggards "2009 session of the fourth China Internet webmaster will" the Great Wall hotel in Beijing in May 17th successfully concluded. This year’s annual meeting will not only attend nearly 3000 Internet entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, as well as various types of local, vertical web site of the Internet, but also announced the award of China’s local website top 20.


2009 China’s most influential local interactive website awards


dragon lane, 19 floor Hangzhou, Xiamen, Ningbo, Yantai netwall small net forum, eight network, Hefei forum, Jiyang, the 20 place community website, Panyu, Kunshan, Thailand boring community hotline, Tianfu forum, Taihu pearl net, Yuyao life network, Chongqing, Pengcheng District, shopping Changshu, Beihai, Danyang 365 zero wing net won the "20 big local interactive website" 2009 Chinese most influential awards. As the largest local forum in Zhejiang, 19 floor interactive community Wang Zhenyu at the awards site, said: willing to share with the owners of the successful experience of the 19 floor – focus, focus on one direction, and to achieve the ultimate. Beihai 365 webmaster Zhang Xin said: I am from the remote small city of Guangxi webmaster, want to do not abandon, do not give up, adhere to their own ideals, the growth in the end.

Market research firm

Huarui network standard (CR-Nielsen) vice president Qin Yu affirmed the local community website development prospects and marketing value, he said the speech at the annual meeting of the Webmaster: local community website users in the consumer and advertising marketing value, matched with mainstream sites, and in the interactive network media participation is very the directivity and strength, therefore, the local community site in local and regional brand promotion on there is enough space and competitiveness. Magic when the chief market network official said: "Guan Shaobo localized community media can not provide services to provide users of the portal, directly face the market promotion service consumers can also give advertisers provide efficient." As the mainstream of the local community site in Beijing, the network has nearly one million monthly active users, is a typical localization of community media.

according to a set of survey data of stationmaster annual conference organizers Comsenz show that with the increase in the number of Internet users to further popularize and Chinese, future China Internet users demand more personalized and diversified, the portal position weakened, and the local community and the vertical community will become the first choice of Internet users. Local sites are gaining the lead of the local media, the future development prospects. The guests of the Dragon Lane station Qian Yu accept the "stationmaster" magazine interview, also said: the long lane site in 2009 the goal is to reach 3 million 500 thousand PV, the annual income of more than 10 million.

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