Where the old last bet a shirt lose tens of dollars on the forced mode can support how long


I (in the past) between the platform and the brand two swing, swing the development of the company is not good." In Beijing South six ring Yizhuang open street side of a conjoined house, said chen.

in his office with a row of cabinets full of books, occupy the entire wall, and founded seven years where the customer together, may also be one of the remaining old school insisted on not much.

was half an hour late, he even said sorry, and then lit a cigarette, began to change where the maximum of the past year summary. "Since last year, I began to make their own business trip, visit every link in the supply chain, fabrics, plates, clothing production, not fall. Before I was too far away from the product, and now it was found not to walk again."

the same person is two years ago that "buy LV sell like every guest as", had also deliberately planned, before UNIQLO flagship store opened in Shanghai to its opposite on the substantial outdoor advertising. "At that time I really despise UNIQLO, now full of UNIQLO? And where is where the high streets and back lanes,?" vintage reporters on the interface. He is a face of humility, said he was cattle too much, but not all products, marketing is "no good".

This small

he was in the five floor, there are two layers of empty basic station. August 2013 Vintage decided to move here from the south near Beijing where the noble center, at the same time we laid off nearly 8000 people. In its heyday, where employees up to 12000 people.

"now where there are about more than and 300 people, more relaxed, with the current situation of these people is enough." Then, he breathed out a mouthful of smoke.

prior to August 28, 2014, Chen and his guest had conducted two years a rare high-profile debut, the theme was designated as "a shirt". In Beijing 798 D Park workshop, where he wore the classic three piece BLACK TEE, jeans and sneakers, he introduced a year achievement: 80 wash and wear shirts the Japanese team in the 100% Xinjiang Akesu cotton, the price of 129 yuan. He also used the complex molecular formula of DP principle, split on small square collar, claw buckle, strip and so on.

for more than a month, the shirt is selling well. According to the old saying, keep the daily sales of nearly 10 thousand. He expects this shirt where the customer will exceed YOUNGOR this year, reaching 300 to 5 million sales, this level means that every guest will become the largest single product shipments shirt brand. However, the cost of fabric and process requirements, resulting in this zero gross profit shirt sold every one will have a net loss of tens of dollars.

now plans to continue but aged. "When the first UNIQLO is such a single product, to achieve the ultimate good." He went on to explain that the new generation after 85

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