Ladder network and the collapse of the good network cited hot online education transformation O2O

introduction: the ladder network and that good network news of the collapse, triggering a big discussion on education circle of online education encounters the bubble period, and it is difficult to solve the problem of profit model has become the main reason for the troubled industry pattern.

ladder network and the good news of the collapse of the network, causing the education sector for online education bubble period of a big discussion, and difficult to solve the problem of profit model has become the main cause of the troubled industry pattern. In this regard, the New Oriental chairman Yu Minhong believes that the future is not pure internet education, only based on the form of Internet education, he believes that O2O will be a complete combination. In fact, this kind of mode of O2O is being recognized by more and more enterprises in the online education, in addition to New Oriental, science education, science and technology, Shanghai river network, 51Talk, good education is to try experiments based on O2O.

ladder network collapse

triggered the industry bubble dispute

Jiayuan CEO Gong Haiyan, founder of the ladder to enter the online education network and that the network had shut down the news, will undoubtedly become the focus of attention of industry last week. Due to aggressive too optimistic, front too, spent a few months ago that the company financing ", Gong Haiyan’s two pioneering K12 project all fall, only 91 of online language teachers network platform.

at the same time, also led the industry to start a debate on whether the online education bubble. "All said that 2013 is the first year of online education, online education has said that the spring breeze has been blowing, but the spring has not yet come, winter came in advance." In Beijing Business Daily reporter WeChat group, insiders said so.

Lv Senlin, President of the

Institute of education in the eyes of the Internet, the online education industry bubble has emerged, and this is the second time in 2005 after the online education bubble. Lv Senlin admitted to the Beijing Daily reporter, accompanied by a bubble at the same time must be down a number of online education company, he had predicted that the closures will come in 2015, but is likely to come earlier, with the ladder network and that good network out ahead of time, the majority of online education companies in the next 2-3 years in succession collapse. This one, K12 is the hardest hit. Even a few well-known schools have financing online education programs, seemingly unlimited scenery, actually they are very anxious, because in the field after a cut piece of field experience to K12 ‘ironclad’ resistance."

"experience online education at the present stage, is very similar to the experience of group purchase industry two or three years ago, online education is likely to repeat." And Jun Consulting Group senior analyst Hou Ruiqi believes that the emergence of thousands at the peak of group purchase website, it can call the famous one, born in a day on average in the past year 2.6 online education company, the end can really stay is not much.

however, despite the "bubble theory" can be heard without end, but this does not hinder the enthusiasm of capital. There are third party statistics, only last month, public disclosure of domestic

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