Third party payment agencies are closely regulated single consumption does not exceed 5000

[introduction] has just been suspended two-dimensional code payment third party has ushered in the central supervision of the second bomb". Reporters yesterday from the third party payment agencies was informed that the day before the central bank to third party payment companies issued draft, intends to pay the transfer, the amount of consumption of third party restrictions, regulations personal single account transfer payment does not exceed $1000, not more than 10 thousand yuan cumulative; single individual consumption does not exceed 5000 yuan, monthly cumulative not more than 10 thousand yuan.

event: the central bank issued an emergency comment

in March 14th, the central bank issued a document called two-dimensional code (bar code) and virtual credit card payment, and reported that the day before the central bank to third party payment companies issued "Payment institutions online payment service management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "management measures"), "mobile phone payment business development guidance" draft.

The so-called

third party payment, transaction support platform for third party independent institutions and products are some of the country as well as foreign banks signed, and have a certain strength and credibility of security, such as Alipay and Tencent owned subsidiary of Ali tenpay.

reporter learned that the management approach, the draft stipulates that personal payment account transfer amount shall not be more than 1000 yuan, the same customer accounts for the total amount of the annual payment of the transfer shall not exceed $10 thousand.

In addition,

, even for consumption, the central bank cut more narrow. "Management approach" shows that the amount of individual payment account shall not exceed the sum of 5000 yuan, the same customer accounts for all consumers to pay the total amount of the month shall not exceed $10 thousand. Exceeding the limit shall be handled through the bank account of the customer.

reporter from a third party payment business stakeholders informed that the draft solicitation time is quite short, issued on the 11 day of this month, the deadline for comments is this month, 13 days. At the seminar, the third party to pay the contents of the draft and the central bank conducted a very heated debate.

impact: balance treasure purchase or not over ten thousand yuan / month

although the draft is still a draft, but its third party payment industry shock is still strong. If the final management approach so, then this means that the Internet financial products baby products cumulative purchase of more than 10 thousand yuan per month." One of the third party payment sources told reporters, not only that, if the bill is implemented, then the user transfers, Internet banking, online shopping and other aspects will have a greater impact, for the third party payment industry, the electricity supplier will also bring down.

"Restrictions on the amount of

is the most terrible," one of the third party payment sources said, for users, the use will be affected, now a lot of customers for the bank to third party payment amount of transfer restrictions are dissatisfied, some time ago the bank lowered the daily amount of transfers, has caused a lot of inconvenience to the customer again, if such provisions, such as the balance of treasure will be transferred into more restricted users?

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