Webmaster edition cover songs Mom love you the first audio visual station network

according to the Huo Feng brother’s famous song "wife, wife I love you" by the king adapted lyrics and cover songs "grassroots webmaster Mom I love you" heavy in stationmaster net www.admin5.com starting. I dedicate this song to all the grassroots webmaster! Grassroots webmaster is the main force in the Chinese Internet, the Chinese Internet plays a vanguard role. Stationmaster net is one of the websites I must see the Internet every day, I love to write text in stationmaster net. Because the webmaster network is a grassroots webmaster warm home! Once again thanks to the webmaster network to provide me with this platform, thanks to the king and his team and the world’s lovely and respectable webmaster!

grassroots webmaster exists, the Chinese Internet will be wonderful!



series: King style

cover: King

QQ 865989

media support: Adsense network www.admin5.com

female webmaster nets www.aliadmin.com


Ali Mama, I love you

my station, all on you, you know I’m poor.

you said to me: baby, your father.




King webmaster online arrogant overbearing The writing mirrors the writer.. Often in the webmaster to write soft paper to masturbation orgasm pleasure. Representative works are "give me Alipay password" · "female master; is graph king interviewed beauty — elegant color" China "webmaster IT ten" rich and powerful beauty "a stupid programmer to master the successful transformation of" boss "grassroots webmaster 2008 how come to the Internet arena?" "webmaster and walk officialdom the contradiction between the" 18 soft article.

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