Cosmetics store prerelease face shut down because of funding fracture network


has informed sources of domestic cosmetics website B2C network to face shut down due to funding strand breaks in micro-blog, but then the micro-blog is deleted (TechWeb pictures)

news October 24th, recently informed sources, located in Shenzhen cosmetics B2C site because of funding fracture closing prerelease network, the company has sent most of the staff.

insiders at micro-blog said, "to the current staff have net severance almost, only the sun sum part of customer service staff, Connaught large office area absolutely empty. Sun Zong earlier in the real estate industry, after doing e-commerce, from the beginning to the cosmetics group purchase, B2C platform, now never cleared, powerless. See Sun Zong is also a face of helplessness."

, these people said, the main reason is the failure to net capital chain rupture, "in fact, no matter what time to e-commerce, to return to the essence of business: to make money. For the same reason: the dissolution of prerelease net capital chain rupture."

Huaqiang North

online vice president Gong Wenxiang revealed that the "last week from an electricity supplier to provide warehousing services Friend (because he can accurately know the basic electricity supplier warehouse major electricity supplier inventory and delivery to real situation) that China before 3 B2C and VC cosmetics because failure of gambling, now at the end of the year has been facing liquidation situation." He believes that the current cosmetics are the most unsuitable to start the business class."

TechWeb landing prerelease network found that the site has been shut down, still can accept the purchase of goods scheduled. But the site shows that the phone is not connected.

data show that the first network was founded in October 2008, focused on daily cosmetics market segments by ACT international holding institutions directly subordinate branches of Actusglobal Holding CO (HK) Ltd and Shenzhen Zhi Au global technology limited the initial investment of RMB 10 million 80 thousand was founded.

domestic cosmetics B2C site actually shut down precedents at the end of last year, Shenzhen rice mall due to funding strand breaks off disbanded, the site was also completed in August 2009 qianwanji financing. (Jing Wong)

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