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technology news Beijing time on September 3rd evening news, everyone was called "China Facebook", but the company is currently moving to business transformation, and hope that through acquisitions to achieve profitability, to avoid being marginalized.

diversified revenue sources

although everyone did not encounter direct competition Facebook, but micro-blog’s development has caused a serious impact on everyone. On the other hand, advertisers social network advertising spending is also generally. So everyone is changing the business model. Everyone company CEO Chen Yizhou said he was considering long-term revenue growth in addition to advertising power.

Chen Yizhou believes that e-commerce and games and other payment services will be the key to maintaining the vitality of social networks. Therefore, Chen Yizhou is to promote the diversification of all sources of revenue, for example, everyone has a game company, online video and group buying and other services, which makes it less similar to Facebook, but like a rival Tencent.

since May 2011 IPO, everyone has repeatedly warned that China’s fragmented social networking market there is fierce competition. Over the past two quarters, everyone’s poor performance, this is due to the slow growth in advertising revenue, on the other hand is due to the development of group buying and mobile business generated huge spending. In the second quarter ended June 30th, everyone had a loss of $24 million 900 thousand, revenue of $44 million 800 thousand.

mobile service

Chen Yizhou said, for everyone, the key lies in the future development. In order to grow rapidly, but still in the early stages of the mobile Internet market a firm foothold, everyone in the second quarter invested $17 million 800 thousand for related research and development, more than doubled over the same period last year. Some of the R & D spending for the recruitment of mobile application developers, and such talent is very popular.

currently, everyone’s 45% employees work in the field of mobile business. Chen Yizhou said that in the past two quarters, he himself has half the time for related work.

although the contribution of the mobile business to everyone’s revenue is only 10%, but Chen Yizhou said that the mobile gaming business has brought cash flow, and glutinous rice network (micro-blog) mobile services also have a good prospect. He said that with the development of mobile payment, providing better payment services will become increasingly important.

glutinous rice net

over the past two years, under the support of a large amount of investment, the Chinese group to buy the market price war led to the general difficulty of buying websites. "When we started the sticky rice two years ago, I said we wanted to be a market leader, but not the market," Mr Chen Yizhou said. There are a lot of competitors in the market, but are not rational, so the market leader to pay too much price."

but Chen Yizhou said, many competitors are a left behind, and glutinous rice network is profitable. >

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