Planning ideas grab treasure activities to watch the news from the king

saw the king of the king and the powerful electronic lottery union to engage in the activities of the news to grab treasure. Inspire.
1 Admin5 users. Grab treasure, treasure can rob, now the webmaster information, some webmaster website, Admin5 im286 chinazz is not much difference between! Admin5 can take a chance. Admin5

but there’s one thing that we may not be able to recognize, and the king realizes that no, I think this guy is so smart, it’s impossible to know. This is more important. Related to how to make money Admin5 problem.

put this campaign with vigour and vitality, become a brand, then, will attract many businessmen to participate in naming and sponsorship. This money is not very real?

can take this activity broken open, public bidding: naming rights, sponsorship, treasure, Co. Each project is 1 yuan Qipai (another hot speculation). Has been going on, as long as the fire is not afraid of no money!

the first run is the key, the first night! Wait and see the effect of this activity, if that graph king did not want to make no reply, so deep, on the other hand, waiting to look good.

is a new league. Do not look at what are the characteristics of this alliance, as a new alliance, the alliance general half-dead to debut in the case, that is really a problem!

is now looking forward to the host of the good things, can make money out of things, but also very hate what small, garbage union. Powerful electronic lottery Union will be called as a new liar alliance, in a word, for him, the first step is very difficult to go.

and through Admin5 teamed up to engage in this activity, there is no case of advertising, but also very little about how the activities of the union how good. Is a pure sponsorship. The clever is bright like, not how scolded. Subsequent promotion is relatively easy.

Admin5 activities continue, but also a bit of characteristics, from the valley of the SEO contest, to read the news grab treasure, under the king figure

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