From known C round of financing 50 million or Tencent together with singles before

know almost

Lei Feng, network news, news that quiz community known has completed C $50 million round of financing, valuation of 3 to $400 million, the financing led by Tencent, Saif, innovation works with the cast, and the original shareholders.

earlier there have been news that Baidu BAT and Tencent and know have been in contact, and once one will know the acquisition rumors, to know, common two Internet giants of the traffic, but also different.

Baidu search ability is very good, but Baidu encyclopedia and Baidu know in fact, there is almost overlap in function and positioning. In contrast, Tencent, the biggest feature is that social skills, and after the shares Sogou, Sogou also launched the WeChat search, you can search the public number, etc., is to make up for the social aspects of the short board.

venture capital companies choose to consider not only how much money is often considered, but in fact, behind the more able to bring resources. From the point of view of their own, from the early Li Kaifu and a number of seed users have accumulated a lot of content creators, forming a relatively high-end content production platform. The latest read daily, has begun to try to reduce the content of the production threshold, the original need original content to be recommended by way of dissemination of content, it is required for the number of users, also need more interactive platform. And it is important to note that the business model has been virtually unknown.

comparison of Baidu and Tencent is not difficult to find, the Tencent can provide social and search ability will improve knowledge on its own system of products, Sogou is likely to know almost to launch the "known" search, search or enhance the depth of mining data, improve business ability. This is clearly the most immediate need to know. So if you really completed the financing, it is not difficult to understand why Tencent.

yes, Lei Feng network reporter also received a call and know almost 8 of this month’s event invitation, and the location of the event is the same, the reason behind obviously obvious enough. But as of press time reporter, and almost did not give any official Tencent news.

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