Theft theft theft data cottage APP a lot of bad things

this is an era of mobile, in the computer, mobile phones, tablet, smart TV, cars and other pan mobile terminal, APP become the combat outpost of each participant.

is booming at the same time, APP also suffered the torture of security: the founder of third party interests through piracy, data tampering, copycat etc., cause the user to encounter copycat APP even "toxic" when using APP. These unofficial APP has even sneaked into Apple’s AppStore. Using these APP users, light is advertising harassment, then the loss of relevant account information. For the official APP companies, a similar behavior led them into the content is mine, but it is someone else’s charges strange embarrassment.

the "daily economic news" reporter through in-depth investigation, trying to expose the three typical tricks behind APP break the chain and match the interests of logic.


case interpretation

Debon logistics troubles: AppStore now "plum ghost" version of the company APP

April 20th, Shanghai Debon Logistics Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as logistics staff) Jian Sen (a pseudonym) in a media and public relations, said the QQ group for help, someone released a copycat version Debon logistics software at Apple APP AppStore, and the APP canvassing receipt, often take away the goods after receiving clerk is nothing. "The company now is very anxious, because such a thing to Debon logistics brand damage is very large."

the "daily economic news" reporter after an investigation found that Debon logistics distress is not the case, hidden behind an APP copycat industry chain.


First impressions are strongest copycat"

the "daily economic news" reporter in the iPhone AppStore search box, enter "Debon logistics", get two results: "Debon logistics" and "german". Reporters noted that two APP developers are called "ZhangJing", and the content of two APP "abstract" at claiming us as like as two peas, the logistics company official APP.

Jensen to the daily economic news reporter explained: a lot of users have always thought apple AppStore has strict audit procedures, the above can not be cottage APP. But Debon logistics has not released official APP in the apple AppStore, nor in any Android platform released official APP. In other words, the current in the AppStore and the Android platform named Debon logistics or Nadu APP are copycat products, its operators and logistics have no relationship." It is reported that the vast majority of customers Debon logistics enterprise customers, customers of the mainstream mode of operation to use PC orders, so the company has not yet been included in the company’s strategy to develop mobile phone APP schedule.

according to Jensen introduction, 2>

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