Webmaster lecture fifteenth Yu Bin talk about soft Wen industry points

    Anhui Internet Alliance (ahunion.org) hosted by the master of the lectures unknowingly to the fourteenth phase. The lecture was involved in many webmaster high praise also let more webmaster to actively join the lecture group, this guest is well-known writer Yu Bin Jiangsu Nantong people, Internet Celebrities, Tencent, NetEase Hot Blog Hot Blog, sina Hot Blog, Sohu Hot Blog, columnist, DoNews techweb Hot Blog, CCID net, phoenix net, Bo Bo Zhongguancun online Hot Blog, Analysys International invited observers, iResearch senior author, has engaged in the website editor, SEO engineer, web supervisor and other positions, is now serving 8684.cn.

due to the main group has been full of new to the webmaster can add live group: 47744157 for special lecture we will always T never speak webmaster let more want to learn webmaster come in.

this text live record: http://s.www.53w.net/space.php? Uid=1& do=blog& id=11479

live start:

Yu Bin: today, I would like to briefly introduce some points of attention to the soft industry

soft industry attention points

a, write the latest content, write their own point of view.

one thing to remember, be sure to hook up with the 315, whether it is the site editor or user, are interested in the latest information.

when writing to help manufacturers, must write their own point of view, users are most concerned about is your point of view

two, the release of some large platform.

such as Tencent, Sohu, NetEase, Sina and other portals, these portals soft text release price is generally 150-200/ article, the local portal site soft text release price is generally 150-180.

if there is a master of the need to know the details of the lecture, and then I am the exclusive issue of the old K, you can find the old K to. In the release of soft Wen, we must pay attention to choose the channel, the channel is your soft marketing audience.

just asked a friend is very good, the money can not afford to do. There are free of charge, for example, you have a good relationship with some of the site’s editor, or you write a good soft, so the editor will put your soft text on the channel home page, the premise is that the soft Wen must write wonderful. There is also a cheap method, is to find the Internet writers, generally a writer is 300/ -1500/


300/ article and the difference between the 1500/ article is: 300 of fame is not more than 1500, the release of the channel is not more than 1500 of the more than 300 of the depth of no more than 1500 of the 300.

three, up to two per week

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