Summary of several positioning of small and medium sized enterprise website


website is the enterprise to the Internet of a window, the establishment of the website is indirectly related to e-commerce enterprises whether success, whether to bring real value and benefits for enterprise operation and marketing. Web site represents the brand image of the enterprise, but also the basis for the development of network marketing, the site has a direct impact on the consequences of network marketing. Qingdao website construction positioning is not clear or not will be an important cause of the failure of many enterprise sites, therefore, in the establishment of the site, the site’s Quasi Ken positioning is an important issue to be addressed. The above is a detailed analysis of the importance of site positioning:

first, e-commerce should be sufficient to show the company’s business philosophy, product or service characteristics

enterprise e-commerce website is based on their own business needs to set up. Therefore, first of all should adapt to the needs of business operations, business operations and marketing services for the enterprise. The enterprise website should show sufficient characteristics and disadvantages of the main business enterprise, through text, pattern, color and sound and other media, so that users can seize the center thinking enterprises to convey to the purpose of consumers in the shortest time, and not let the user into a "lost land" or even illusion.

two, deal with the relationship between information services and online sales

commerce website does not mean that must complete the biggest disadvantage of online sales network and e-commerce is the transmission of information, and online sales and receive the wrist, the credibility of the system, restricting the peace legislation, logistics and other factors. In the enterprise web site offers rich coherent product information, professional knowledge and pre-sales customer service service through the Internet to carry out marketing campaign, hurried into increased net sales, this is the most unique characteristics of victory website.

three, deal with the relationship between business and skills

skill itself is not a goal, any technique is for the purpose of business services, the value of the skills as long as the ability to complete the business through the appeal, as long as it hurried into the business purpose of the completion of the value. The correct positioning of the function of business website is not more beautiful more beautiful is good, skill is not more better. Web page is a good or dynamic dynamic good, do not use the database skills, which should be based on the establishment of the Tongling site construction stage and the size of the enterprise and the size of the business to be sure. A tool for network and website skill only achieve business purpose, only the enterprise operation and marketing of the wrist and the media, as long as the special skills and business is the main business of organic combination of enterprises, and hurried into the movement of business ability and bring benefits to create value, otherwise it is not essential to become furnishings even become an obstacle to business expansion and the black hole swallowed up the funds.

four, the site should maximize customer satisfaction

because the business purpose of the enterprise needs to be completed by the satisfaction of the needs of the consumer, so the enterprise website is not only suitable for their own characteristics, but also to maximize the satisfaction of customer needs. In today’s consumer market,

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