Baidu art changed domain name behind 2 iqiyi have been deleted

It is reported,

news November 29th, 26, Baidu Qiyi net change new domain name concerns in the industry, this series of "I" domain name was originally Qiyi network earlier acquisition of hand holding, the CN domain Baidu acquired.


figure: odd art nets

Baidu search that, after the domain name as early as May 2008, domain name is registered, the owners forgot to renew and renew expired deleted, in July 2010 was re registered, display and CN domain name registration time is February 2011, also attracted the attention of the people, the original, has been deleted because the fate of renewal expires, suffered in 2009 in 2011, once again be deleted.


figure: two domain name earlier information

at the beginning of January this year, there was legendary art network SARFT has been ordered to stop operation of the message, but it was not confirmed, the so-called not to wind hole, subsequent developments will reveal its plans, according to informed sources, the CN domain name Baidu Qiyi minon bought from May, speculated that Baidu Qiyi in network in the beginning of the year considered the domain name Especially yesterday Beijing Municipal Bureau of radio and television network director Ding Mei external position, direct confirmation of Qiyi change the network domain name is a licence for video, it is more proof that Baidu Qiyi network already has over shared license determination.

Qiyi network "" domain name protection in place, protected Iqiyi registered domain name, at the same time, but also protect the registered Iqiyi three spell domain name, the Baidu Qiyi network to replace the domain name is a domain name "iqiyi" boom in the industry, the 26 day, domain name was registered minon.


Qiyi net change new domain name is a kind of injury to Larry domain, but it is also Qiyi another development opportunity, after all, the "I" series of domain name application platform still has many, such as, Kingsoft antivirus software platform, cartoon network, Qiyi network or create another prospect.

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