A website to earn the difference reselling celebrity agent

recently some sites to put up a pageantry hang out with some pictures of celebrities, claims for enterprises completed these celebrity endorsement on matters. However, after hearing the news surprised most celebrities said to have been "listed" do not know. Industry sources, many areas of "illegal celebrity" has the website to do so, is to earn the difference agent.

A "big" on behalf of


yesterday, a website played a high-profile advertising, celebrity endorsements, claiming that agents can attend lectures, business activities and other tedious things, and "not successful". The website listed celebrities have hundreds of reporters, open the "cultural celebrity" column, I saw Wang Shuo, Guo Jingming, Ji Lianhai (Music Blog), Yi Zhongtian (blog) and other dozens of star photos were high up on the web page, click at any time for people to choose.

according to the reporter, these stars are very difficult to please. Such as Wang Shuo, though often on the Internet curse, but appeared in public since last year, a total of less than 3 times, one is to promote the book, one is to seek reparations for endorsements, never. However, in the miss service hotline has told reporters that since hung out the photos, the website will grasp the invitation to reality, "but the cost to attend the activities to be content." She gave Wang Shuo out of the ordinary appearance fee is 30 thousand yuan.

celebrities do not know listing

miss service "sure" that make people sit up and take notice on the site of the public relations ability. The young lady claimed that they have established a good relationship with the list of celebrities, a number of pleasant cooperation, so that each other’s sense of trust has greatly improved, so it will be more sure. But when a reporter asked her to introduce several successful cases, miss zhizhiwuwu, unintelligible.

interesting is that many celebrities say they do not know the matter, do not know what site. Ji Lianhai smiled: "yesterday at this generation does not speak, only my own decision, I can’t replace my wife, not to mention what the website?" Ji Lianhai told reporters, so far, he only had contact with xinhuanet.com, in the above set up their own blog site, do not know all the other. Guo Jingming knew it and wondered, "why do you want me to tell you everything?"."

"reselling celebrity" each earn 20%

this way, things are complicated, on the one hand, the site in the contract agent business celebrities, celebrities and on the other hand, without the knowledge of the business website how to do? Yesterday an insiders told reporters, these sites can do only one thing, that is "selling celebrity". If you pick up a business, the site will be immediately sold to business and celebrities are more closely related to the company, with an invitation to a celebrity, and then make the difference between the means and the sale of goods, not what kind of two. It is reported that this difference generally accounted for about 20% of the total price, that is to say, 3>

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