Design a web page as a girl wears a dress

No ugly

in this world, only lazy woman. "This is a beautiful woman in the Bible the most wonderful thing, as long as a woman willing to take the time to figure out how to maintain, how to dress, can always find ways to show their beautiful side. Interface design is not the case, then let us look at the smart woman’s dress in the road there is nothing to do design can learn from.

principle: the body with the main color of the clothes do not exceed three.

no matter what kind of clothes should have a main tone, on behalf of the wearer to highlight the temperament, she could not emphasize everything — perhaps she has a quiet side, like the blue side; there may also be naughty like orange: the intellectual side, like the white side: love, like pink…… But if she put these colors at the same time to wear out, that in addition to her like a butterfly will Nothing is right. This is like a page, its main font and color should not be more than three kinds, they are used to do: the most important, more important, general. Don’t try to stress, you’ll end up with nothing.

look at the following two examples:

I love this site, but I have to admit that it does look like a butterfly.

And the light is

, it has a large number of home use at least five kinds of fonts, font font designers may feel Curitiba so much, do not waste.

principle two: Accessories style to unify, echo each other

if a girl in a fashion party invited today, she chose a close fitting dress, intended to debut a gorgeous, do you think she except with a pair of high heels outside what other choice? I’m afraid not. Even if she is out of print Nike air shoes a pair of stunning trapeze Autographed wanted to wear it out somehow to hold back. Two pieces of a single product style is completely different, even if it is the top goods, is often a disaster together.

maybe we will pay more attention to the unity of the text in the web page, but often ignore the unity of the text page in the picture, look at the examples below, the same sales discounts, Dangdang commodity picture picture prices marked at different position, it is very easy to disrupt visual effect, reduce the efficiency of information transmission. The Amazon is marked all the goods in a unified position, only to change the background color to distinguish between high and low discount. Each of the differential design is used where there is a need.

principle three: details determine success or failure

found no, some girls dress looks very casual, like casual wear out, but it is very beautiful. I’m sure this girl is nine out of ten do homework would go out at home, what clothes with which necklace, which hairstyle with which earrings, even sleeve edge whether this volume, rolled up some people are bother pondering over. In order to ensure that every detail is perfect. < >

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