To make it easier to remember the name of jingle

a good name with a different role for the development of a shop, because of this, many shop owners in the shop before will be thinking of a good name to store up. Moreover, many shop owners in order to play a good name and brains, however, some businesses in Zhaoqing City boss act in a diametrically opposite way, the old people for having heard it many times jingle sign, also achieved satisfactory effect.

There is a "dingguagua restaurant"

city one of the North West River, signs, will think of a jingle: "funky", meaning "particularly good".

this "dingguagua" restaurant name "is homophonic with a phrase with a double meaning, way to tell customers, restaurant dishes dingguagua, also recommended our special dish – melon cup Hot pot." Restaurant owner told reporters.

with "dingguagua" this restaurant with signs good shops have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, it is located in the city of West Road, the name "hearts" cool drink shop.

many people know, "mind thinking" is the Cantonese jingle, meaning is always thinking of someone or something.

"we cool drink shops to drink the special delicious drink, let customers’ return to ruminate ‘, how will not" consider "?" Shop owner proudly said.

Beaming with Joy is the people often said in the festive activities in a jingle. City People’s road, a wedding shop named "Beaming with Joy simply".

All in all, "

we are doing the festive wedding business, the name of Beaming with Joy signs easy to understand, easy to remember." Company boss told reporters with a smile.

instead of racking their brains to come up with a more innovative or more chic than with this name, the name is seen for having heard it many times, consumers know once, more memorable, the business of the shop on the road for better development. So, if you want to set up a good name, you will use this method?

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